Musings of An Old Man

by Brian K. Moore


The greatest aid in getting anything done is the belief that you can do it.

Don’t take no for an answer until there are no other options.

Success is not assured, but without effort, failure is.

The way to get something done is to do it.

Nothing gets done unless it’s started.

You’ve got to start from where you are.

You don’t have to do it like you’ve always done it.

It’s not a deal until it’s done. (Consider failed escrows).

Great things can be done with persistence, determination and profanity.

Sometimes you have to cuss at it.

Do a job to get it done, not just to work on it.

Know all you can about what you are going to do before you start.

Time “wasted” diagnosing a problem, usually results in time saved.

Make a sample before you start. (Paint the garbage can).

Don’t let a small job become a large job for lack of proper diagnosis.

Do it now! Do it right! Get it done!

It’s more than twice as easy for two guys to do a job, than it is for one guy.

You don’t have to do it the way that you’ve always done it.

If it doesn’t work, quit doing it.

If you take it apart, put it back together-Now!

Do everything “right Now.” (To the extent that it is feasible).

Almost everything you do takes longer than you thought it would.

If you have to fix it, make a feature of it, not a patch.

OK – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but if it IS broke – Fix it!

If it works, don’t argue with it.