Musings of An Old Man

by Brian K. Moore


Don’t defend an opinion just because you already have it.

Make each opinion stand on its own

If an opinion can’t stand the real world test, discard it.

Opinions should be based on fact and determined by logic.

We are slow to change an established opinion.

It is rare to change an established opinion with an argument.

An established opinion must be worn down. Not swept away.

Don’t try to convince all at once, present some points and let it “soak in.”

Try to make them think that they thought about it themselves.

The goal of an argument should be to establish the facts. Not to “win”.

Avoid expressing an opinion until you know what you are talking about.

Try to have a discussion instead of an argument.

The difference between an argument and a discussion is:
The goal of an argument is to win. The goal of a discussion is to determine the facts.

Since I know all this stuff, why don’t I do it?