Musings of An Old Man

by Brian K. Moore


Our observations are influenced by our expectations.

Be sure to notice the nice days. There are lots of them.

Consider your gut feelings. There may be a reason.

Be confident rather than positive. You could be wrong.

Don’t tell them how good you are, show them.

You can get there from here. (It may take time and effort).

Don’t face a situation with a “Can’t do” attitude.

Try to make it work, rather than finding a reason why it won’t work.

Make a sample before you start. (Paint the garbage can).

People are packages. To get the good, you must take the rest.

You don’t have to eat it because there’s just a little bit left. You are not a garbage can.

You don’t have to clean the house because the cleaning lady is coming.

You can’t run away from your problems. They will follow you.

To get the most out of people, lead—-don’t push.

Consider the consequences of the circumstances of what you contemplate.

Youth is ignorant of the consequences of circumstances.

Pronouns are chaos. They complicate communication.

You can tell that you are old when your kids get to be middle aged.

There never has to be a reason, “why not.” There always has to be a reason,

The world is full of bad design. (They didn’t ask me).

Learn to expect the unexpected and be ready for it.
If illness saps the meaning of life, we should be able to treat ourselves as well as we would treat our dog.

The guy you borrowed it from got it because he wanted it, not so he could loan
it to you, so take it back, now!

Learn to expect the unexpected and be ready for it.

If you can’t win, lose gracefully.

Your memory’s great, it’s the access to your memory that’s bad.

Learn something every day. Forget something else.

Be flexibly firm.

If, is the biggest word.

Separate the “end” from the “means to the end.”

When you hold the light for me, hold it where you can see, then I can see.

In dealing with things that fluctuate: Distinguish the waves from the tide.

Rights are not free. A right granted to someone is usually taken from someone else.

“PP,” in music, very softly. In older life, Preemptive Pee, a precaution.

With endless combinations of letters, why must so many of our word sounds have such diverse meanings? (to, two, too, road, rode, rowed).

Things aren’t like you think they ought to be, they are like they are.