Musings of An Old Man

by Brian K. Moore


When the more important things are done we should reform the language:

Eliminate all double letters. Mississippi would be Misisipi! No consonant would have more than one sound. Don’t need C. Use S or K. Keep Y as a consonant. Eliminate Y as a vowel. Use I.
Make new consonants where needed. If G is for George, need one for Gorge.
Replace two letter consonants such as Sh & Th with one letter for this sound.
Eliminate Ph as a sound for F.
Eliminate the P on Pneumonia and Pneumatic.
Eliminate unsounded letters such as the Gh in light and the Ugh in thought.
No vowel would have more than one sound. If A is for A, need vowel for Ah.
Won’t need an I following an A, or an E at the end to make an A sound.
Make new vowels where needed so that each vowel has only one sound. And on and on and on.

Of cors this wil never hapen but it wud sur mak speling ezier.