Musings of An Old Man

by Brian K. Moore

Phyllis's Marker

I designed Phyllis’ grave marker. It is really “our” grave marker because I’m on it too. All that is missing for me is my “date of death,” which at present is unknown.

The marker includes mid-life pictures of both of us.

I designed it so that it would tell what Phyllis was to me.

My kids, Margie and Jim, thought that I should give myself equal billing and half of the space, and have my name as large as Phyllis’ name. Most husband and wife grave markers are set up like this, with half of the space for each, showing the name, dates of birth and death, and relationships such as wife, mother, grandmother equally for each.

Jim mentioned “all those adjectives” that I had used. Those adjectives are, “Lover-Partner-Helper–Friend-Wife of 66 years.” Phyllis abundantly lived up to “all of those adjectives.”

My section of the marker shows my name written in script a little smaller than hers, my date of birth, my picture and the words “Her husband.”

The kids, at first, didn’t think that just “her husband” was enough.

I saw it differently. What words could say more?

What higher honor could I have achieved?

What greater privilege could have been bestowed upon me?

Her husband! That says it all!