Musings of An Old Man

by Brian K. Moore


(This poem will make up in quantity what it lacks in quality)

Now that this trip of mystery,
Has been assigned to history,

Those of you who weren’t on the list,
Never will know what you missed.

It was carried out with a well founded plan,
Put together by Sharon and Diane

Champagne and home made cinnamon rolls
Served to brighten up our souls.

The bus driver hit almost every bump,
And we could feel it in our rump.

(You could say we were rumpled)

Soon an ocean trip began,
Aboard a real fast catamaran.

The boat had so much speed and power,
We reached Catalina in just an hour.

Then Linus and Brian had a talk,
And rented a golf cart to avoid the walk.

Linus drove it all the way,
Up through the mountains and down to the bay.

From this trip we came back alive,
Cause Sue told Linus how to drive.

But his driving vigor was not impaired,
He didn’t know that Phyllis was scared.

We ate at Armstrongs and it was cool,
That Linda BeDell won the mileage pool.

But when the meal was finished up fine,
Don ordered two more bottles of wine.

And although you might never think it,
We all had to stay and drink it.

Back to the boat we went once more,
And sailed off to the mainland shore.

The trip back there was nice and quick,
Though some were close to being seasick.

Now back to the bus, to watch a movie,
Which I will say was really groovey.

And if you don’t know what I mean,
There were grooves and flickers all over the screen.

Well if you missed it have no fear,
We’ll do another trip next year.

And it will be an adventure thrilling,
If Sharon and Diane still are willing.

By Poet Lariat (Got the poetry all tied up)

Myron K. Bore