Musings of An Old Man

by Brian K. Moore


Anniversary 67, I face it alone
For the love of my life forever is gone

My life now is full of sadness and grief
But the wonderful memories, do bring some relief

For as I look back when I’m feeling so sad
The thought comes to me, Oh God! What we had!

My feelings of sadness and grief are so strong
But God, I am thankful I had her so long

Our love affair lasted 70 years
It’s over, and this is the cause of my tears

We first met when she was 11
I’ve loved her since she was 15
This was a union conceived in heaven
It’s equal rarely seen

For 70 years I’ve been in love
With this angel from above

Married almost 67
We were divinely paired
In a union made in heaven
For the wonderful life that we shared

I’m feeling the pain since I’ve had to part
From my beautiful Phyllis, the queen of my heart

And I realize, when I think of what we had
If it hadn’t been so good, it wouldn’t hurt so bad